Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I hate Mondays. I hate waking up on Monday, getting ready for work, getting to work, having to do Friday’s left over work, checking out everything and mostly, I hate having to do the stressful Monday site checks. I’m not a lazy girl, I just prefer doing my job in comfortable places when its most convenient.
This Monday, I was bored. Yes, bored. Is that possible? Yes. My boss just went on leave and I was pulling my weight by sending the others to site with a stern warning to report everything to me. I was just beginning to get comfortable when I heard the fire alarm. I ran outside, everybody was there already then the Safety manager came and gave one speech about how they were checking/testing some fittings and we can go back to our offices. I hissed………………….almost everybody did.
I got back to my office and continued the scrabble game I was playing………………….I must win this one. I heard somebody shouting outside. I stood up to check it out but changed my mind and sat back down, maybe it’s just another person testing his voice. Dare opened my office door and peeked in (I take knocking seriously and I was about giving Dare another lecture on office etiquette)
“Lola, you still dey here?”
“Where I for dey?”
“You never hear?”
“the false alarm?”
He closed my door and left. Yeah, I have a thing for “aproko” and Dare is my feed. When he starts acting funny like this, it means he wants me to find out. I followed him. Everybody was gathered at the reception……………..starring at the screen of the TV. I couldn’t see past their heads so I just tapped one of my colleagues.
“wetin happen?”
“boko haram just bombed Aso rock”
DISCLAIMER: this is TOTALLY a work of fiction.
*Lucy here** I'm so sorry for being away this long, my computer has been on a seriously stupid strike. i think it needs 
Which of my stories will you really love to read?  I know I owe a lot of part twos.................which one should i post first?


Anonymous said...


Che said...

I want Temptation, emmmmm, noooo, Baby Mama. Ok, ahhh, na wa o. This is more difficult than I thought it would be. Oya, post Be My Wife. In short, post the continuation of all of them. Waiting somewhat impatiently. ;-D

Priscy said...

i wouldn't mind reading the part two of all the above stories. lol, but i think baby mama won't be bad at all.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! what a twist eh? nice!

I think you should do baby mama first pleaseeeee!!! :D

P.S. you removed me from your bestest peeps. *runs to the hills to lament and bemoan my fate* :(

Luciano said...

@che, lol..........kuuuluuu ya temper.........oya choose one
@priscy, ill get to all of them but its one at a time
@chinny, chai!!!lwk........pls dont go to the hill my can i ever remove you? its blogger that updates that part o and since uve been MIA for sometime now, i guess dts y it was removed. its there now....yu can coe down from the hill and hug me

dayor said...

Lol...@ ur story

Baby Mama it is! waiting

Che said...

okkaaaaayyyyy oooo, since i have to chose one. I chose Baby Mama. Sipping juice and waiting for the part 2. ;-)

Anonymous said...

:D that's better! I've just been busy with work but I read all your stuff in my per subscriber. *wink*

Naija4Life said...

I wouldn't mind any of the stories as I think your writing style is simple but captivating at the same time.

'Lara said...

I love this, what a twist... with the way we are going, Boko haram sure will do something really drastic.

Toinlicious said...

Boko Nice twist (av u seen "remember me"? Lovely movie pls look 4it if u avnt) Smh4 dis country bt I dnt think any1'll b shocked if it hapnd 4real tho. I tot 9ja culdnt shock me anymore until I hrd today's news abt award plaques not enough 4 awardees *shockedface* I mean, 4a national event dat was planned & not impromptu?! Warahel?

On to happy things, I will not forgive u if u do not continue "temptations" and "what the heart wants" o

Toinlicious said...

As in, temptations and What the heart wants again! (i'll keep hounding you o)

seems pple r going for baby mama. not me. It's temptations and what the heart wants.

p.s, yuo changed the names,yay!

Luciano said...

@DAYOR, ok, baby mama it is
@che, lol..
@chinny, lol @subscriber. ure too funny

Luciano said...

@naija4lyf, awwww.tanks a lot
@Lara, i think so too.....seems no one is strong enough to curb them
@toinlicious, lemme laugh first.....
ehen, no, ive not seen the movie, will look for it. lol @the national award thing, i just SMH when i heard it. seems babymama is winning o...........wetin yu wan make i do now?

Rhapsody said...

Perhaps your Mondays are dweary because you jam pack too much in your weekend so then you need a weekend to recover from your weekend?

Toinlicious said...

en en. good morning o. I have come to sign the register for today.

Temptations and What the heart wants again! lol

@Rhapsody, a weekend to recover from the weekend sounds like heaven #sigh

Luciano said...

@rhapsody, i guess.
@toinlicious, lol, yu sha. i go dey tink am

Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson said...

i to don't like mondays.
nice twist too.

Luciano said...

@TK, lol
thanks for dropping by

Myne Whitman said...

Where you dey Madam? I want Be my Wife, lol..

Coy~Introvert said...

Looool, I wish this was real sha oh, Aso rock bombed, feels good already.
I want the part 2 of all the stories, I am way behind. I thought I had you on my blog roll just realized I forgot to add you and I was thinking you weren't updating your blog.

Luciano said...

@Myne, lol. ive been around o, just experiencing the "block". baby mama is winning now but will surely post "be my wife" after that
@coy introvert, wicked
oya add me now now now

Buzzer! said...

baby mama, baby mama, baby mama, baby mama, baby mama,

Have i said it enuf??

Baby mama, baby mama *breathless*

Luciano said...

@buzzer, lol. i hear you.
baby mama it is