Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Linda was getting irritated now. She glanced around, checked her watch and pushed her hair from her face. She moved her bag from her left to right shoulder.
It’s been fifteen minutes now and Desmond was not showing up. Today meant a lot to her, that was the only reason she could wake up at 5am, in order to beat traffic and take such time to look good. She wanted to put a face to the name, a personality to the voice she's been hearing for close to one year. She dialed the number again.
"Where are you?"
"I’m actually at conoil"
Linda looked around again. She didn’t see any new or familiar person. Though she has not seen him before, she could tell how he looks.
"I can’t see you"
"which conoil are you?"
"In front of UBTH"
"you passed UNIBEN?"
After a long description, she dropped the call. With the previous night and early morning rain, she was supposed to be cuddled up on her bed still lazying around on a saturday morning but Desmond had asked her to come to Benin so that they can see so she had entered the rain and arrived at Benin.
A car parked in front of her and there he was, smiling at her. She took him in.............white shirt, white smile, cute face, firm build.........that was all she could see. Just her kind of guy. She made a "not bad" mental note and entered the car
Desmond pushed the straying hair from her face and touched her cheek
"I’m glad you came"
"me too"
They were lying face to face on the hotel bed. He has wanted to see this girl; the girl he talks to for minutes everyday, the girl he knows so much without the face. He wanted to see if she’s real or its just some voice over the machine. He tucked back another hair and cuddled her closer.
He had come to Benin for his friend's wedding and asked her to come. He looked at her again and sighed, wishing life was this easy.
"You know I’ll like to kiss you but I don’t want to jump on you"
"yeah, kissing me will really be jumping on me"
They talked late into the night and eventually slept off.
* * * *
The sound of somebody moving woke Linda and she opened her eyes. He was still holding her and he was so close. He hadn’t touched her through out the night, she was surprised.
"Good morning"
"good morning, hope you slept fine"
She moved closer and she could feel his breath on her face. She felt his mouth on hers and she kissed him back. A kiss that left her wanting more.
* * *
"It’s really nice of you to come"
"tanks for a good time"
"so we'll see, we re still in Nigeria"
"bye" "bye"
Linda entered the cab. She looked back and he had already crossed the road. She closed her eyes and smiled.

Specially dedicated to KAYCEE. Happy birthday dear, thanks for all the joy you brought to my life.


Docia said...

Your story is so interesting, hope u keep writing. pls keep following and commenting on my site.

Priscy said...

wow! luciano wow!, really cute.... and I suppose KAYCEE is the lucky guy right?? keep them coming. you owe "us" your blog fans a lot of part two's oo! hope you know that!.

A-9ja-Great said...

Hmmmm,i dey suspect you this gurl o.LOL I love the story as usual dear.

Aseni said...


its nice when there is still a mystery to the persona!

Luciano said...

@dorcia, thanks
no probs bout that, im a good stalker.lol
@priscy, ure duch a darling. im carefully dodging that question o.lol.
will get around to those part twos soon
@9ja great, *innocent face* wetin i do?? thanks dear

Luciano said...

@aseni, thanks dear.

Anonymous said...

LOVE ITTTTT... you write extremely well dear. 9jafoodie

Myne Whitman said...

Sweet story, I enjoyed it and wanted it to continue, lol...

Happy birthday to Kaycee too.

Luciano said...

@9jafoodie, thanks a looooot
@myne, lol. thanks

Oyindamola Adegboye said...

...me tooo... I wish it would continue.I love such stories, the whole faceless love thing. I believe people tend to unveil deep parts of them thru fone conversations and it could also be the other way round, presenting a fake personality. Would have loved to see how it turned out for both parties.

Lovely post as always...still wish it'd continue ehn!!!

Luciano said...

@oyinda, thanks. theres a part of us we tend to talk about and not show much........some people you know very well may not even know what your "phone friend" knows.
will try to continue it

Amaka's Notepad said...

Somehow, i expected the guy to rape and brutally murder the girl at night, or for the guy to turn out to be crippled or something. Guess its the rate at which i hear horror stories in naija this days that made me think that.
Love the way it ends though.Makes me wish i had the nerve to meet faceless phone pals back in the day (and who told me that if i had met them, they would have turned out this cute and charming? lol)
Lovely story (as usual)

martha said...

interesting i almost tot i was reading a novel.

i mentioned you in my blog check it out

www.chantelmartha.blogspot.com and follow tanshu

Toinlicious said...

Yay. nicee. But wait o Lue, u always leave me drooling and it's not fair. continue this 1 oh, en en. cos i can hear bells already since d guy's decent abi is he faking ni?
Kayce en. Nicee. Happy belated birthday. U are a lucky man and God'll bless you both and ur relationship. *Now presenting self* i hope i get to b ur blog chief bride's maid! *fluttering lashes* or @least leme give d toast. *hugs*

Toinlicious said...

lil note, pls change the names of ur female xters so i wont be confused. When i c Linda, i always assume it's a continuation. #wink

Luciano said...

@amaka, lollll....some people are still nice yu know. not all turn into horror stories
@martha, tanks dear...and tanks for dropping by

Luciano said...

@toinlicious...........lwkmd. ure very funny. i hereby appoint yu blog bride's maid, now i just have to fix a date abi? oya, send me ur aso ebi money.
Linda just seem like d only name in my head when im writing. will start changing the names...........and will start with yours *wink*

Che said...

You are a fabulous writer. Good talent you've got babe.

Luciano said...

@che, thanks a lot and thanks for dropping by

Rhapsody B. said...

Nice, good they didn't just make it about the flesh though it was on each of their minds.

I trust there will be a follow up?
Stay blessed.

Naija4Life said...

Quite an interesting story and one lucky guy called Kaycee. Have you considered writing a romantic book as it seems you have a flair for it?

Luciano said...

@rhapsody, lol. yes, there will be a follow up
@naija4life, tanks...............im trying to write one, the stress is just too much

Coy~Introvert said...

I love this one, I love this one *i'm practically blushing* lol, shame on me!!

Luciano said...

@coy introvert, blushing? i don dey suspect yu o. lol

Daughter of Her King said...

interesting read....

Where is the rest???

Daughter of Her King said...

interesting read....

Where is the rest???

Luciano said...

tank you.
coming up soon