Wednesday, August 8, 2012


*clearing cobwebs* yes, I know, I am a horrible blogger. I am sorry for leaving for so long but I have really really really been too lazy busy to update. I am here now and I really really (don't mind the number of "really" I type, its for emphasis) hope you guys are not too angry with me (which means nobody will read or comment on this post which will make me very very sad). 
You know I'm not good with apologies, I am really trying my best here..........
OK then, thank you for forgiving me, you guys are the best!
*waving at my new followers* welcome lovely people, thank you for following my boring awesome blog.

Tee is my prince charming, my baby, my boo. He’s everything the romance novels I’ve been reading since primary school described. He’s tall, dark, handsome and sweet. If you are part of the people that still wonder if the “butterfly in the tummy effect” is real, please wonder no more. It’s as real as the sky is blue.
So I had given up on love after so many attempts. I thought there was no such thing as prince charming and butterflies and happily ever after……..those only exist in novels. I was so wrong.
I love Tee, he loves me……I was living the dream. 
I took my bath as I sang “just the way you are” the fifteenth time. Tee makes me giddy. I will be seeing him soon. Its Saturday, the only day in the week we spend alone, away from all the stress and drama of work and family. The only day that makes my weekdays bearable.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled.
“I love how you paint your face” he would say
“duh……its not paint, its makeup”
“what’s the difference?”
“I don’t know, I just know it’s different”   I always say and he would continue teasing me.
One last look at the mirror and I was out of the door.

He opened the door and smiled at me…..the captivating, endearing smile and my insides turned to jelly. He still has that effect on me, one look into his eyes and the butterflies threaten to jump out of my tummy. It’s been 2 months; I’m supposed to be immune to his charms now.
There’s this thing about Tee; he knows everything. He knows what I want, when I want it, how I feel…………..everything. So I was not surprised when I got inside and saw all my special delicacies served in a mouth watering way.
“What’s the occasion?”
“Just celebrating you”
Now who said I can’t be happy? Who said I’m not the luckiest girl in the frigging world? Who said………………………..I can keep asking the questions but he was saying something.
“You’ve brought so much joy into my life these past months……………” I was no longer listening. Who said you have to die to be in heaven? I was there already.
I was smiling…….no, grinning like a five year old.
We ate and laughed and joked and had a wonderful time and then it was time to go
As I was about opening the door, he pulled me back and held me close
“There’s something I need to tell you”
“You love me. I know”
I pulled him closer and kissed him
“Yeah I do but that’s not it……….you may need to sit down”
It’s too soon to propose, isn’t it? Yeah, I thought so too. I’m saying yes anyways.
“I love you and I can’t live without you”
Huge smile
“But last year, my parents arranged for me to get married to a girl……”
“We are not married yet, we are just engaged…………… and she's coming over next week”
I felt weak. All the butterflies died and they are secreting a very toxic poison in my system.
“Why are you telling me now?”
“Because I don’t want to lose you, I still love you”
Tee is my prince charming, my baby, my boo and right now, I feel like putting a bullet through his head.

*I saw this story somewhere and it made me cry. You should read it


Unveilinggold said...

wowzer!!! poor girl...Time to fight for Mr Tee

Toinlicious said...

Ooohhh no he didn't! And he is just telling her now? Can I help her pull the trigger?

A-9ja-Great said...

Let me tell you the simple reason why i've not forgiven you; You made me miss your amazing stories.

*throw shoes at her*

Myne Whitman said...

I have been checking here since. OK.

This story sha, she should just leave. Shikena.

Chinny said...


Welcome back sweetie, we missed you. :*

Priscy said...

You are not forgiven oo! I missed you around here too much!!

eyah! what now? hmmmm.

Che said...

Tee is saying he doesn't want to lose her. So is his plan to make her his concubine. *angry face @ him*...

Welcome back dear and don't be gone for too long.

Che said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

you never said the sorry ooo.. just hinted at it!...waffi sense :D

Anyways, to the was interesting... yet sad.

CherryWine said...

Anyway sha....this 'my guy' is full of absolute crap. You don't want to lose her, well the choice seems pretty obvious; bounce old girl from the village and be with the one you claim to love. But no...he wants to eat cake, have cake, as well have bird in hand and one in bush. Amadioha is watching him in black and white wrapper! Shior.

Yours_Sincerely said...

haaa, u guys should calm down, maybe he really loves her, remember they hsve been datting for two months and the other girl was arranged for him last year. Since he says he loves her, the writer should make him choose between she and the other girl, or she leaves. He is grown up for pete's sake, he should be able to make his decisions himself...====>

Rhapsody B. said...

What a selfish man, "good riddance to bad rubbish."

Luciano said...

@unveilinggold, yeah....poor girl
@toin, lol. go ahead
@a9jagreat, *dodging shoe* you know you love me *wink
@myne, awww..sorry, been a bit busy. thanks for checking. appreciate it.
@chinny, missed you too honey
@priscy, awwww *hugs*
@che, lol....ermmmm, maybe. will try and stay around
@simply mee, SORRRRRRYYYYYYY......i don talk am now
@cherrywine, your comment craked me up big time. amadioha kwa?! abeg o.
@yours sincerely, i guess we cant put all the blame on Tee but he still has some serious decisions to make. thanks for dropping by
@rhapsody, you can say that again

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

what a very sad story. pls let's all get it straight here dat, all R/ships re not meant to lead to marriage, some were meant to prepared u for d right person wen he/she comes..... sometimes ur heart need to be broken so dat it can be stronger for d right partner, sometimes u might need to loose a very lovely date so dat u can value nd appreciate love frm d right partner he/she comes too. so whatever happened to us on d way to settling down in life, see it as something dat was meant to make u a better person for d right partner. to d story...
..may be meeting each other was not for them to get married buh to prepare them for d right partner. Lucy nice one frm u.

Ginger said...

'Mgbo pia pu kwa ya isi like Zebrudaya would say.

Ah well its a story so i expect you will twist it up. but if its real life...
No apologies. I understand!

Zouzou said...

Ok, Luciano, seriously?! This stroy traumatized me. What? This early morning. Mr. Tee! Come on...come on! #SIGH

MsJB said...

So annoying and sad
Why must this always happen?
Love one and marry another

And btw, thank God you came to clear the cobwebs :)

dayor said...

This love matter ehn...

Ibifiri Kamson said...

I am with Rhapsody what a selfish man. she should just leave him.

'Lara said...

The one statement single girls dread to hear...that guy is definitely selfish.

sugarspring said...

sad...and again..why should he even consider the other girl even if its an arrangement?
dont even know what to say again

rainbowlove said...

sad story.
so the guy is even considering the other girl?...smh**

Adura Ojo (Naijalines) said...

That's one hot mess, Luciano. Painful as it is, she should cut her losses now and run. Any more sojourn with Tee will only cause more pain.

Thank you for your regular contribution to my WIP posts. Much appreciated:)

Have a lovely week.

Rhapsody B. said...

Just ducking in to see how you doing, I hope life is treating you kind.

Take care and stay blessed.

Anonymous said...

NOoooo!! Gosh! Just as I was grinning and getting all mushy with her. Poor child...

Becqui Nicholas said...

This is sooo sad..since Tee claims to love her very much,he should keep her then. Love can be so twisted most times..nice story

Tessa Doghor said...

I knew the girls would be attracted to this story
well, let's hear everything

Tamie said...

Awww sad one there. At least he was truthful and dint carry want to hurt her more with a worse surprise.

Tamie said...

Wow it actually FINALLY posted! Perseverance works. I should try the other blogs I have difficulty posting comments on.

Tamie said...

Oh and maybe comment on all the other stories I had wanted to comment on. Hahahaha am high right now. No doubt u can tell.