Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I remember clearly the first time I went to the hospital alone. I stood for a good ten minutes at the gate before I went in. I was scared. So scared. I was biting my nails and looking down. I had insisted Momma shouldn’t come with me. My reason was that I was big enough to take care of myself; after all, I was sixteen…or will be on my next birthday. I had also insisted not to go to Uncle Jo’s hospital. Uncle Jo was my Dad’s friend and has been our family doctor since I can remember.
I had to wait in a long queue to take the card and I had to sit after then to wait for my turn. I looked around……..I saw mothers, old men, old women, nurses…………..they were all so comfortable. I didn’t see any sixteen year old girl.
“Miss Clarisse?”
“Yes Ma”
“Your turn”
I bit my lower lip, straightened my skirt and followed the nurse.
The doctor was busy writing when I entered. The nurse motioned me to sit and closed the door.
The doctor finally looked at me.
“Are you not Clarisse?”
“Oh yes”
“And you are 18?”
I nodded
He stared at me for some minutes, like he was trying to make up his mind about something.
“So what is wrong with you?”
“I have been……..”
Somebody knocked
“Come in”
It was Uncle Jo. Appears he knows the other doctor that’s off duty. He chose to sit down a little before leaving.
“Baby, are you alright?”
Uncle Jo calls me “baby”. I just nodded and smiled. The doctor looked at me and motioned me to continue.
“I have been having serious menstrual pain lately”
He asked me some questions, prescribed some drugs and I left the office. I was waiting at the pharmacy when Uncle Jo passed. I stood up and ran back to the doctor’s office. I didn’t wait for his “come in”. I entered and stood there till he looked up.
 “I think I’m pregnant”
He gave me that look again, the screening look.
“You think or you are?”
I hesitated
“I am pregnant”
He started writing again. After standing there for 2minutes without him saying anything to me I decided to leave. He gave me the paper then.
“Be there 9am tomorrow…………..with N5, 000”
I nodded and left the office. I didn’t even wait at the pharmacy for drugs. I just walked out.
Uncle Jo was leaning against his car, waiting for me.
“Linda, are you pregnant?”
I was pretending I didn’t hear him
“Linda, you used a fake name, fake age, fake address……………does your mom even know why you’re here?”
I broke down
“Im sorry uncle Jo. I don’t know……………..I don’t know what to do…………..please don’t tell mum”

**SPECIAL THANKS TO Naija4lyf and The relentless builder FOR GIVING ME THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. Im feeling sooooooo versatile. Thanks a lot, i appreciate it.


Amaka's Notepad said...

awwww,poor girl.

gretel said...

mmmm....deep!!!! complete it oh...good write.

Priscy said...

wooow Lucy, Two thumps up!! I agree with Gretel, complete it oo!! nice one.

Toinlicious said...

Ah! pregos ke. If you ask me, na who i go ask?

Luciano said...

@amaka, abiiii
@gretel, thanks. will do

Luciano said...

@priscy, thanksss.
@toinlicious, lol.

kitkat said...

She shouldnt abort the baby sha..

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Not an easy decision at all....

Anonymous said...

Poor child...

Adura Ojo (Naijalines) said...

This is pretty good! Realistic too. Well done, Luciano.

Anonymous said...

I was almost thinking Uncle Jo was responsible...oh well sad stuff.

waiting for the conclusion.

MsNana_ said...

hmmm that is why you shouldn't have sex because you will die lol
nah just joking but it is scary...
one of the main reason why i am 21 year old virgin..
i want an ending to this lol
i will be wiating x

Myne Whitman said...

Very well done, and true. Children having children...

Luciano said...

@kitkat, i dont support abortion too.
@NIL, yes o.....not easy at all

Luciano said...

@naijalines, thanks a lot
@chinny, haa!!! see where ur mind go.lol

Luciano said...

@Msnana, lol.......mum told me that too and i believed it for a looong time. wow...i envy you sha. will write the conclusion soon
@myne, thank you. thats the world we are living......babies becoming mamas

Luciano said...

@mstizzle, yeah, poor girl

'Lara said...

well done.

Docia said...

I love ur story, pls share more

Luciano said...

@lara, thanks a lot
@dorcia, thank you. will do

A-9ja-Great said...

Ok,if these stories emanate from your imagination,then you've got a very amazing imagination.Me likey,likey,likey!!!

Naija4Life said...

Very well written, well done. It's going to be one heck of a decision for Linda, whether to tell mum, keep the baby or abort. Very tough decisions and these things are happening everyday in our society. I'll be interested to see how it pans out.

Luciano said...

@9ja great, tanks a mill. and yeah, they re from my imagination.
@naija4lyf,tanks. everything is wrong with a 15 year old being pregnant but sadly, that happens a lot now. will complete the story soon

Che said...

Nice read, sad story but keeps happening everywhere. Patiently waiting for the concluding part.

Luciano said...

@che,tank yu. yeah, it keeps happening. will continue it soonest

Coy~Introvert said...

Okay this needs a part 2 like nowwwww!!! baby mama at 15 oh well going on 16, damn!! omase oh! it's really sad because it actually happens.

Luciano said...

@coy introvert, lol. yes o,really sad. part 2 coming up soonest

Daughter of Her King said...

I suspect Uncle jo got her pregnant ohh......??? am right alie

Luciano said...

lol @DOHK, no, not uncle Jo