Monday, September 5, 2011


“The heart wants what the heart wants, even that which is worst for it”
She saw the flashes and heard the clicking sounds. She was not there, her mind was far away. She plastered her best smile on her face and turned whichever way they wanted her. She felt so sick she wanted to throw up, she wished she could sit down so she won’t faint.
Finally, someone led her to a chair and arranged her gown around her. It was sparkling white with hand sewn embroidery. No cost has been spared, right from her ring to her shoes, the décor, the food, the venue…………….it has all been well synced to the last sync.
“Congratulations Nita, you are so lucky”
She smiled again, a cynical smile
“Thanks a lot”
She watched the lady walk away and closed her eyes. She knew Ekene was there, she could smell his perfume.
“How are you feeling wifey?”
“Im fine…………………just taking it all in”
“It’s your wedding, our wedding, you should enjoy it”
“I am, I really am”
“Okay, let’s go see some people”
He helped her up, straightened her gown and kissed her.
“I love you Mrs. Ihioma”
“Me too”
Ekene was one of the best guys she knows. Loving, caring, God fearing, generous…………… fact, he was everything that comes with the perfect man package. Everybody, including her very choosy aunt said she made a good decision by marrying him; only she’s not feeling like she made a good decision.
She saw him again then and her heart started racing. She was holding Ekene’s hand and he looked at her cos she stopped walking.
“You okay?”
Why did he come? Why did Ekene invite him in the first place? Was he not supposed to turn down the invitation?
Ibrahim walked up to them then, his dark eyes boring holes into her, he still had his good looks, he now keeps his beard, maybe after Mohammed or some great prophet.
“Congratulations Ekene…………….Nita, I wish you all happiness”
She swallowed; maybe it could clear the lump in her throat. Ekene was obviously in a chatty mood
“I never thought you could make it Ibrahim, so nice of you to come”
“I couldn’t miss it. It’s not everyday you watch people snatch away the ones you care about”
Nita was feeling uneasy now, Ekene still went on talking
“Hope u will stay around so we can talk later
“Sure thing”
He looked her over again and strolled off.
“Ibrahim, why must you do that, why must you say such things in front of my husband?”
“Don’t worry your pretty head baby; he thought I was talking about him”
“Why did you come?”
“Cos my friend invited me”
“Cut the crap and tell me why you are here”
Ibrahim looked at her, pulled his chair closer and took her hands. She snatched them away. They were sitting by the pool in Ekene’s house. It was their wedding night and Ekene was busy saying “thank yous”
“I can’t watch you leave like that”
“I know my parents said a strong no cos of the religion and tribe but now they don’t care. I made it clear I’m not going to marry anybody that’s not you”
Nita blinked thrice and pinched herself to make sure she was not dreaming.
“Nita, cant you see, we are meant for each other”
“But I just got married”
“Elope with me”
He brought out two visas and flight tickets.
“Elope with me Nita; let’s go build a happy home for our baby”


d - E - j - A said... dat Ibrahim Akpos??

Luciano said...

never tot of it dat way.................just wrote dis one. tis a nice work ur brain is doing........connecting dat ibrahim to dis

Toinlicious said...

i was gona ask the same question deja did o. i kinda liked the idea of akpos and was looking forward to more.
concerning dis one, whoaaaa,dis can not end well o. that last line got my mouth open....

Luciano said...

will soon be posting the part two of the akpos story so watch out. and bout d ending of this one..... you know how the heart always want the wrong things

Anonymous said...

It's jst not right to marry someone u dnt think is the best thing to happen to ur life, cos u'll easily be swept off ur feet by guys u consider better :/
Poor ekene.. :(

Luciano said...

lol. ure so right but sometimes, the ones yu really want are not available. tanks a lot for dropping by.

P.E.T. Projects said...

Trouble is taking a well deserved nap and yanga has come to wake it up!!!

The complexity of love sometimes...

Luciano said...

lol. yeah, love is a very complex "thing"
tanks for dropping by.XXX

A-9ja-Great said...

I'm officially telling you you're good.You write very well and i like the suspense.Hope you'll finish the story sha? If i had gone to my ex's wedding,her reaction would've been like Nita's,but the husband's reaction would've been to send his thugs after me.#NoKidding

Lola X said...

Love coming on your bog! Great stories!

Luciano said...

@9ja great...............awwwwww.....not im blushing. tanks a mill......
bout ur ex, its better u didnt go......thugs are not very

Luciano said...

@lola, tanks a lot and tanks for dropping by...........i love ur blog too

vee said...

@ luciano stumbled on ur blog love ur fact i've been on it 4 2hrs no changing the page...its cool..1der hw u dnt run out of articles

Luciano said...

2vee, wow.............thanks, that really means a lot to me.
i write a lot, guess dts y

The Lawson's Runway said...

the Ex factor is always a dangerous factor..especialy when the baggage is still intact

Luciano said...

@TLR,lol...ure right