Monday, September 5, 2011


Lily opened the door and immediately stopped. She didn’t know when her books dropped to the floor and her mouth dropped open. She was looking at them, Efe and Angela, almost naked on their bed. She felt like doing a lot of things………….screaming, hitting him, killing her……doing anything but her legs could not move. It was as if her body decided not to obey her mind’s command.
“Don’t stop on my account”
She wasn’t even sure they heard her. She picked her books and left the room.
Lily knew going to her other friends place will be adding more insult to her already broken heart. She just sat under a tree and wept for as long as she could. When she got tired of crying, she picked her books and went back home. Angela was not there.
Angela had been her roommate and best friend since they both got admission to the university and they’ve been close ever since. They share clothes, secrets…………..everything. they sometimes follow each other home during holidays.
Lily met Efe during her second in school. He was a cool handsome guy and it wasn’t long before they started dating. They broke up three months into the relationship because Lily thought Efe was cheating and Efe thought Lily was cheating
She ran into Efe two months ago and they were on their way to starting the relationship again only for her to see him in bed with her roommate. She shook her head and blinked back the tears. She sat down. She was going to wait for Angela to come back.


@ilola said...

Nice. Is this gonna continue?

Priscy said...

yeah, I also think there should be a part two to this. lol, cant wait. first time here and am loving it. please check mine out too., cheers

Luciano said...

@ilola....its definitely gonna continue...i just like building the

Luciano said...

@priscy, its gonna have a part two. tanks for dropping by. will checkout yours

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Rhapsody B. said...

hmmmmm, you should have had her take pictures, better yet a camcorder and tape it all, then invite them both for dinner and a movie. after dinner make popcorn hand everbody a bowl and hit play and see what they both have to say to her.

stay blessed.