Monday, September 12, 2011


I could tell Akpos was looking at me. Don’t ask me how but his gazes were boring holes in my skin. I suddenly became self conscious, my cloth felt too tight, I dabbed at my face with my handkerchief, I became aware that my hair was falling across my face (which I hadn’t noticed till then) I tucked it back, shifted on my chair and kept watching the movie and making a serious effort not to look Akpos’s way.
Now I’m sure I hate Tessie. She was all over him with: “baby, you want some juice?” “You know I love you” “that’s my sweetheart”. I was boiling and trying so hard to keep it in check at least because of Victor.
At last, after a much failed attempt at conversation, Victor decided we should leave. Tessie still had a stupid grin on her face and I still had an overpowering urge to wipe it off with a slap. I caught Akpos looking at me then and almost missed a step.
“Victor, its really nice you checked on “me” (I noted that………..”me” not “us”), please do it again (a glance at me)….and its nice meeting you emm……..Linda” (of course, the pleasure is all mine)
“Same here” I said taking his hands. He held it a second longer and released it.
Tessie was not hiding her hatred anymore, she barely looked at me, hugged Victor and like a robot, turned and stormed off. Akpos saw us outside and waited while we entered the bus. He patted his friend and gave me a bow and a left eye wink.
I did not talk to Victor throughout the drive; I just told the driver where to drop me (not my house cos the last thing I need is a stalker)
I got down from the taxi and said “bye” “and please, don’t call me that much again” who was I kidding? I was just entering my house when my phone started ringing
“Please Victor, you need to chill”
“I’m sorry, can I call you back?”
“No, you can’t and I’ll appreciate it if you stop calling me”
I dropped the call……………………….I stopped and checked the number…………..08134……that was not Victor’s number. I didn’t save Victor’s number but I know it is 08034…..I hit the redial.
“Sorry, I thought its somebody else and this number is not listed on my phone”
“Yeah, thats because I stole your number”
“Sorry but who are you”
“My name is Akpos, Akpos Ibrahim”


9jaFOODie said...

Hummm....more pleaseee :D

Luciano said...

Will do soonest. Tanks a lot for dropping by.

Toinlicious said...
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Toinlicious said...

hihihi....more drama. i'm lurving this.

p.s: i think you should rearrange your blog so it'll be neater. this post was running into some pictures at the "popular posts" section and i missed some parts #my2cents

Luciano said...

awwww.tanks honey. changing it now

'Lara said...

I like the story.

1st time here.

Rhapsody B. said...

Sounds good, I wasn't for some reason able to read parts of it, but i got the jist.

Luciano said...

@lara, tanks and thank you for dropping by

Luciano said...

@rhapsody, sorry bout the parts u were not able to read. tanks for checking

Myne Whitman said...

Was just going through your blog and enjoying all the stories, lol. You write well, I really enjoyed what the heart wants and be my bride.

Hope to read more of this one as it continues too, so I'm now following your blog.

Luciano said... really blushing. that means a lot. tanks for following. i hope i wont disappoint

kitkat said...

More pwease??? :p

Luciano said...

lol. ok

MsJB said...

More, more! I'm enjoying this. You really made my evening.

P.s, Now stalking, sorry following your blog:)