Monday, March 26, 2012


For, Toinlicious ,who prodded and almost punched me to come back and clear the cobwebs. xoxo

Akpos  Ibrahim was driving me crazy.
I was singing and giggling and doing all sort of stupid things as I prepared to meet him for dinner. He had called me and said he’ll like us to meet and talk and I had been daydreaming about the perfect evening we’re going to have.
Jenny gave me her sixth crazy look of the evening. I ignored her.
“Are you sure you’re alright Lin?”
“And how’s that your problem Jen?”
She rolled her eyes and walked out of the room.
I applied the last touch to my makeup (I have to make a fine impression; with Tessie and all in the picture), practiced different smiles and finally decided to go with the “cool calm side smile” (it’s my best). Another look at my watch and I still had forty minutes to kill. With the kind of entry I was planning, it was important not to get  there before him, its best to even arrive like ten minutes late (blame the traffic) so I went to seek Jenny out
“Are you sure you’re doing the right thing?”
“You mean a single girl going on a date with a single guy she kinda likes? Yes, totally right”
“And if the single guy has a serious relationship and his friend who wants to date you is actually the one that introduced you?”
“I’m sure you’ve seen better dramas Jen, just let it go”
“Sure, whatever”
Why was I even wasting my time with Jen when my prince charming would be waiting. I baptized myself with perfume and after saying goodbye to Jen, left the house.
*             *             *
He stood up when he saw me and the whole room stopped. The guy is gorgeous. My practiced catwalk, smile and handshake flew away in one second.
“Nice to see you again Linda”
It took me a moment to respond, I was busy taking in the perfection standing before me
“Oh…….its won – wonderful to see you too”
My life should be a movie right now.
“What will you have?”
Just you mister anything”
Then I heard someone from behind me
“Honey, what are you doing here?”
I turned. It was the queen bitch; Tessie.
*please, has anyone seen Che? seriously missing her around here*
And in case you missed it, here is the part one and two.


Toinlicious said...

Yay! she's finally back *dusting the room* Thank you for indulging me. You're the best *hugs*

Oh lord, you do know how to keep me wanting more(ok, that sounded much better in my head) The suspense is on point!

Still lmao @"Just you mister" Naughty Lin.

P.s: Che's back too. Check out her blog.

A-9ja-Great said...

Hmmmmm,Luciano is back!!! Hope you won't disappear again.Love the story.

MsJB said...

Hahaha I'm loving it.

MsJB said...
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Myne Whitman said...

I like her voice, very light and fun. More please.

dayor said...

I'm loving this...

Gnetch said...

Can't wait to find out what happens next!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh (lol)

Ms Nana said...

so i went back and read the other too, i want the next part please... what happened? lol

things like this makes me not want to read stories, you lot always leave me hanging *bbm not interested face*

Ms Nana said...

when are we gettin the next part ?

i'm gonna visit everytime i logg on to blogger

HoneyDame said...

kare omo daa da! Lol Well done...e, if you like, let Gbemi's baby turn 1 before you come and give us a sequel o!

Ginger said...

maka why Luciano? You just end so abruptly when things were about to happen? mscheew.

Oya next edition
lol@Honeydame. abi oo

Hazel said...

Luciano, this is cruelty. Y U NO complete this here story?

Muse Origins said...

Lol!! Good place to stop. Looking forward to the showdown

Muse Origins FB

Luciano said...

@Toin, lol, ure welcome sis
@9ja great, thank you. i hope so too
@MsJB, thanks and thanks for dropping by
@Myne, working on it
@dayor, thanks
@Gnetch, cant wait to tell u what happens next
@Ms nana, very soon dear. wont leave u hanging this time
@Honeydame, lol. ill make sure Gbemi's baby does not turn one before finishing it
@ginger,lol. next edition coming soon
@Hazel, no vex o, me sef dey think as d tin go take
@muse, lol. thanks for dropping by

Becqui Nicholas said...

Wow! This is a very good story.You write very good.I like this part "My life should be a movie right now.
“What will you have?”
“Just you mister anything”"