Monday, February 20, 2012


I remember clearly too the first letter I wrote to somebody I don’t know. It was the letter to my child, the one I was to abort. I wrote it the morning before I went to see the doctor. It was short but I hoped he/she understands.
"Dear Yvonne/Kelvin
Mummy loves you but right now mummy cant keep you. I know it’s hard but I need you to understand. Grandpa won’t understand and grandma would blow a fuse. Mummy would have to drop out of school and work as a sales girl. It would be so bad cos mummy doesn’t know daddy and you will be deprived of all the good things. Please know that I love you.
Yours always
I was at the address, clutching the N5000 in my hand and looking like a person just sentenced to death. Doctor Steve(as I latter found out was his name) opened the door and gave me the usual silent treatment. I swore in my mind never ever to have sex again till I’m married. Dear God, please, just don’t let me die.
"I saw the way that doctor looked at you yesterday, is he you boyfriend?" he said as he turned to face me when I closed the door behind me
The alcohol smell hit my nose and I tried hard to keep a straight face.
"No, I don’t know him"
He nodded and started bringing out the things he needed. I sat down at the couch nearest to me
"You are a very beautiful girl, no wonder you are pregnant"
I cringed and swore again not to have sex.
He came close to me and I could feel his alcoholic breath on my face.
"Where’s the money?"
I quickly stretched out my hand with the money in it. He took it, starred at it for a while and tossed it on the center table
"I could do it for free you know, just let me play with you a little"
I started shaking my head, saying no, I was imagining another pregnancy on the one before.
"I’ll get pregnant again"
He laughed, a mocking laugh
"No, I’ll take care of all that....." he started grinning as he grabbed my breasts and started pulling me close.
I struggled to get away but he was stronger than me, I kept struggling and kicking with my little strength. After what seemed like 10 minutes, he overpowered me and stripped my clothes and just as he was about to strip my panties the door bell rang. He left me to open the door
I grabbed my clothes .......and my money as I ran out, speeding past the guest. I stopped running when I put as much space between me and the house as possible. I was sucking in air rapidly when an elderly woman grabbed my hand and pulled me aside......
"Don’t you have a mother?"
I looked at my stomach to see if it was so obvious I was pregnant. I looked at her again, a confused expression on my face
"Go attend to your flows daughter" She said and gave me a disapproving look
I looked down and saw bright red blood flowing down my legs. I sat down on the road and started laughing


Anonymous said...

Ȋ̝̊§ this the end?

P.E.T. Projects said...

Lue, come back here.... what happened? the pregnancy came down?

gretel said...

ewooo....come back jor,you don jam my brain,na period abi na the belle comot?

Anonymous said...

Good story...meaning you weren't even pregnant in the first place....or God withdrew the child.

Style By Cesca said...

Great story. Finish it! lol

@ilola said...

So did she lose the pregnancy or what? She shoulda gone to a doctor with more sense.

Well done

Okeoghene said...

If this is the end, I so love it. She just worried for nothing cos her period came afterall. The worry though has instilled the fear of sex into her. Good job

Luciano said...

@anonymous, yes, its the end
@PET projects, the stress and everything caused a miscarriage....
@gretel, lol, make d brain no jam abeg, na d belle comot
@anonymous,lol, lets just say God withdrew the child
@Cesca, this is the concluding part. thanks dear
@ilola, abi o, stupid thank you.
@okeogene, yeah its a good lesson. she was really pregnant, she had a miscarriage

Toinlicious said...

OMG! ah, lesson learnt o! If she likes, make she try am again

Rhapsody B. said...

Pregnancy scare. Hmmmmm, to say, "no sex" may be unrealistic, 9it is that illusion that lead to the scare. "Prevention is better than a pound of cure." protected sex at all times is a much better solution, condoms + spermicide + birth control = protection against STDs (Sexual Transmitted Diseases & pregnancy.

Nice warning to all women, take your sexual health seriously, you life, your responsibilty, it is not up to anyone to do it for you, it is up to you to do it for yourself and exercise caution. "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."

'Lara said... the way you ended it.

livelife said...

Damn stupid doctor. I can imagine her relief when she saw the blood.

Myne Whitman said... it ended? I guess it's better this way.

Priscy said...

ooooooohh! Lucy!!! why now? abeg finish the story noww *on bended knees*

Luciano said...

@Toin, lol. she no go try am again
@Rhapsoody, very well said. thanks
@Lara, thank you
@livelife,yeah very stupid one. thanks for dropping by
@Myne, better for everybody involved
@Priscy,this is the concluding part: "and she lived happily ever after without having sex" lol

Yours_Sincerely said...

luciano...i waited months for the end now you give me a dramatic just made hungry and full at the same time...Thumbs up...If I were the girl, that doctor would see me in his dreams with a big cutlass. He wants to do a double job on top of the girl. He has luck...

dayor said...


Gnetch said...

You, girl, are a very good writer. I almost thought it was real!!!

Luciano said...

@ysincerely,hahaha..........with cutlass ke? you re one funny girl.
@dayor, lol
@gnetch, awwwww.......thanks a lot

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings my friend, just stopped in to say, "enjoy the rest of your week, and have a splendid weekend."

Stay blessed.

Rhapsody B. said...

Just came by to tell you that you have been selected for an award. Please stop by my blog and pick it up. It is the blog dated Mar.8.2012.

thanks, have a blessed day

Toinlicious said...

Alright...waited long enuf. Time to update this blog lady

Toinlicious said...


*clearing cobwebs & mumbling to self* i have to drag this chic back here...

A-9ja-Great said...

Luciano,you are very good!!! You got me spell-bounded as usual.

cee said...

Wow! really loved the ending depicts the irony of life and how an unexpected knock on the door or interruption can change one's fate.

cee said...

Now following :)!

Che said...

What an end to the story. Nicely written dear. In a way, I'm glad she miscarried, cos that abortion thingy would have scared the hell outta her. So when are we expecting your next "series" :-)...Thanks for checking on me while i was away. I'm back... yaaaayyyyyy

Luciano said...

@Rhapsody, thanks a lot. i appreciate
@Toinlicious, lol.........i am back. thanks for clearing the cobwebs.
@9ja great, thanks dear
@cee, yeah. thanks for dropping by
@che,you really got me scared with your long absence, its so good to see you around here again. next series coming up immediately

Ginger said...

I like the end. A clear case of God working in mysterious ways. Hope she has learnt her lesson