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So I won the second prize in Dianah's place "write 'n win" competition and i just want to bring the story here so that you guys can read too (I am nice like
Many thanks to Dianah for the cash prize, i got it already and NO, i am not sharing....except maybe with one person. Lets get to the story already, shall we?

He stopped and wiped his face with the back of his hand. After gaining his breath back, he bent down and started pushing the truck again. This is how he lives, how he survives, how he feeds his wife and two kids, how he sends his children to school. This truck-pushing business is his job.Ike stepped under the shade to hide from the scorching sun; he knew Mama Bisi would not scold him like other women who do not allow truck-pushers to stand under their shade.
"How market?" Mama Bisi asked.
"Fine o, we thank God" he replied.
He bought "pure water" from mama Bisi and promised to pay when he collects the money for his delivery. This was his first round; he had come late because his youngest son was very sick. He shook his head and dismissed the thought from his head. He had to concentrate; he would think about Chike later. He tore the pure water and finished it in one gulp as he continued pushing the truck towards the warehouse.
Ike delivered the goods to the warehouse, collected his money and was heading out when he heard shouts from the next shop.
Ike ran to the shop. He thought about his sick son, he should take his earnings home immediately but he couldn’t leave the people in the fire.
He ran inside.
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
He felt the cool breeze before he saw the fan swirling above him. The bed he lied on felt unfamiliar and all his body ached. Where was he? He tried to move his body but the pain was too much.
“You are in the hospital sir……….please don’t try to move…….”
Ike looked at the kind nurse as he began to recollect the previous day happenings. He had ran into the burning building and immediately sighted a pregnant woman, she had been too weak to stand up and it seemed like she had gone into labour. He couldn’t see well through the thick smoke. He groveled till he got to the woman and carried-dragged her outside, almost choking from the smoke.
Ike sighed and reached to touch his pocket but all he felt was sore skin.
“My money, where’s my money?”
“I am sorry sir but we didn’t find any money…………..we were trying to save you.
He broke down. Why had he done it? Why had he risked his son’s life to save a stranger? His friends had always said his kindness would be his undoing………..he had laughed them off and told them doing good everyday is his way of life. Maybe they were right. How would he explain to his wife that his good deeds cost him the money for their son’s treatment?
*  *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
Amaka, Ike’s wife was smiling when she entered her husband’s ward.
“Amaka, I am so sorry, they said they can not find the money I wanted to bring home for Chika’s treatment…………..I  had it, it was in my pocket…………I’m sorry”
Amaka smiled as she held her husband’s hand
“Its o.k. my husband. The woman you saved delivered a set of twins and you don’t have to worry about Chika’s hospital bills, it has already been paid for by the woman’s family”.

Please checkout the first prize winner on Dianah's blog.........................that story is AWESOME.
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Dianah said...

I think it was a well written piece

Toinlicious said...

I love love the story girl and i'm proud of you *hugssss*. That said, so, erm, i'm gona inbox you my account details cos i'm guessing the person you're sharing with is me hehehehe (a girl can dream na)

gretel said...

I am mighty proud of you *huggs*

Myne Whitman said...

This is a lovely story too. Doing good is good. :)

Luciano said...

@Dianah, thanks a lot, ure way too kind
@Toin, thanks Sis yesso, ure d one im sharing with
@Gretel, awwww...thanks
@Myne, thank you

Style By Cesca said...

Keep up the great work. Love your blog!

Luciano said...

thanks Cesca, thanks for dropping by too

Yours_Sincerely said...

luciano welcome back.... I love your stories

Luciano said...

thanks a lot dear

Eddie Onyimadu said...

Nice story. Here is hoping it's not too late to get my cut in the prize money$$$. You know I love you right? Lolz

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