Wednesday, January 18, 2012


*clears throat* I don't know how to do this, I just hope you understand. *looks at written piece* Ermm....I am very sorry for being away for this long, I was caught in the xmas/new year/ subsidy/ strike drama. I have missed this space and everybody here. Special thanks to everybody that checked on me..........(Toin, Che, Priscy, Honeydame, Mstizzle) Thanks for all the messages, wishes and concerns. Shout out to my new followers; I am fully back now and thanks a loooot for following, you guys made me smile. Happy new year to everybody. Let me now  get back to writing great stories for 2012.
Pheww.......that wasn't easy
By popular demand, the story for today is BABY MAMA (Part 2).  In case you missed it, the part 1 is here. Enjoy.
N.B: if you've not forwarded my xmas/new year gift, please do

I remember clearly too the first day I went to a grown man’s house alone. I dragged my legs on the road. I stopped and starred into space and continued again. I’m sure people who saw me that day would have thought I was going mad. Maybe I was, it was a hard decision. Uncle Jo had told me not to do it when he dropped me off yesterday, he said he would explain to Mum and Dad but I had said no. Its better this way, how do I start explaining to my parents that I don’t even know the name of the boy I am pregnant for? Yeah, it was Tessie's birthday party and as my best friend, Mum had allowed me to sleepover. Tessie’s brother came home with a lot of friends for the party and they kept daring us to drink. I said no, bearing in mind Mum’s stern warning about the dangers of drinking alcohol but I gave in latter, when I saw Tessie didn’t die after two bottles.
He said his name way Paul, Peter, Peace.....I really cant remember but there was a “P” somewhere, all I remember is that he said my body was sweet like honey and I followed him to the bathroom. I can’t even remember what the sex was like; it was over in one minute after which he gave me two tablets. I hate pills so I threw them in the toilet and flushed.
Uncle Jo had threatened to tell my parents if I went through with it but luckily, he had gotten an urgent call from his family to come over. It would all be over before he comes back.


A-9ja-Great said...

Hmmmmm,hope part 3 will follow soon? I love this story though.Welcome back and apology accepted.

Priscy said...

wow! the suspense is still building. when do we get a part three please? it has to be sooner than later o!

@ilola said...

Hey, welcome back. We really missed you

I sent you a personal mail around nov-dec last year but never got a reply.

Toin said...

And she's back! Welcome back here sweetie. *hugs*
So I guess temptations & what d heart wants would also appear soon right?

Che said...

Welcome back hun. Missed you plenty. Sure you had a fab celebration. Why are you just building suspense with this story ehnnnn? Mind yaself oooo.:-)..I feel sorry for the Baby Mama. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

Coy~Introvert said...

Ohhhhhhh just like that like that, you cut part 2 short again. i'm waiting for the next part oh.
Welcome back dear. Hope u enjoyed the break...

Luchi said...

Cool story..anxiously waitin 4 part3. Welcome back.

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings, happy new year and welcome back.

Sometimes life gets busy.
You are a good story teller

Naija4Life said...

Welcome back, hope all is well with you. Happy new year :)

Okeoghene said...

Happy New Year. Waiting for part 3

Luciano said...

@9ja great & priscy, part 3 will be coming up soonest
@ilola, just replied the mail
@Toin, lol.....yeah, after the part 3 *wink*
@Che, lol.thanks dear, missed yu loadz too
@coy introvert,i enjoyed the break, ill make sure to conclude everything in the next part
@Luchi, thanks dear
@Rhapsody, thank you
@naija4life, all is well. happy new year to you too
@okeogene, wish you same. ok

MISSLARA said...

welcome back, and thaks for stopping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

what a stupid stupid girl child! ugh! anyway, welcome back sweetie, can't wait for the continuation of this. xoxo

Luciano said...

@misslara, tanks for dropping by too
@chinny, loll..........tenks dear

Toinlicious said...

Hey babes, pls post the winning story here. I loved it!!!

Somewhere in Moscow said...

Nice Blog u've got!

HoneyDame said...

She'z back o!!! 3weeks after she don run comot again!!! Lucy Lue, Lue Lue! U berra brng yourself back! U know say I sabi where to get you o!

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings and welcome back. Sometimes we all do get caught up, you are forgiven.

Have a wonder filled weekend.

Luciano said...

@Toin, done.
@SIM, tenks a lot for dropping by
@honeydame, lwkm.....u enn, i don come o
@Rhapsody, yeah, we do. thank yu