Monday, August 29, 2011


“Are you in Lagos?”
“Not yet but I’m almost there”
That was the 60th call I’ve received from Victor in 2 days. I’m beginning to blame myself for giving him my number. On my way home from work the Thursday before, I went to the supermarket so I was carrying 3 bags plus my handbag and running for the last bus. Victor appeared to be going my way and helped me with two of the bags (which was a big relieve). He asked for my phone number and I gave him, what I hadn’t expected was an hourly call.
I had travelled out of town to attend a friend's wedding in Ibadan and was heading back. My phone started ringing again.
“Are you there now?”
“I’m very close to the park”
“Let me pick you at the park”
“emm……..I’m kinda tired………………”
“Ok, ill pick you at the park”
You got to be kidding me, what is rally wrong with this guy?
He was right there when I dropped from the bus. I was too tired to argue, I just got inside the taxi.
“My house is far from here so we’ll just go to my friend’s house since you’re tired and……………………….” I wasn’t listening anymore; I was busy drawing my escape plan in my mind.
We dropped from the bus and entered a compound; I was busy replying my instant messages.
“Hi Tessie” I looked up to see who Tessie is and I saw a would – have – been MBGN. She smiled, said “hi Victor” and was looking at me with a wide grin. Yeah yeah, this scene is so funny or why else will she be looking at me like that? I said a half-hearted Hi, partially relieved we are in a Lady’s house.
Persian rug, sixty-something inches screen, the painting should be around 200k, the sofa……………hard leather.
“Nice place”
“Its not my place”
Turned out Tessie wasn’t so harsh and we were really getting along when somebody came in. I was busy watching a movie I thought has a bad ending but I heard the back slapping and the “hey guy, wats ups”
The person came around and stood between me and the TV, I was forced to look up. I don’t really know maybe my jaw dropped open or I was batting my eyelid so fast or I did any other stupid thing but I was feeling I was not there. The guy is super – handsome (all in capitals). He was laugh-smiling and stretching out his hands.
“My name is Akpos, Akpos Ibrahim”
He smiled again. “Dad Hausa. Mum, Delta”
“Oh” was all I could say and when he didn’t stop looking at me I said
“My name is Lin…………………Linda, Linda Cokers”


@ilola said...

Ok, okay, nice. But I don't get, is this you or fiction? and is it gonna be continued, cos it seems interesting, but doesn't seem like the end.

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Luciano said...

tanks for the comment. its fiction n yes its gonna be continued. checking out ur blog rite away

Toinlicious said...

I tot i put a comment on this post *confusedlook*

Luciano said...

lol, no. you commented on the part 2

MsJB said...

LOL I was laughing so hard! Don't we all have that one guy that calls round the clock? Little wonder why it's always the one you wished never bothered at all alas, they are the ones that call the most

Toye olutola said...

This is nice.