Friday, September 2, 2011


Juliet looked out the window of the moving train as she listened to Boyz II Men "end of the road". Funny how such old song can bring back memories. It used to be their song, the one he sang for her all the time. She sighed and closed her eyes.
Its been five years, five years of living her life her own way, five years without a man, five years she had used to rise to the top of her career, five years she's been raising their daughter alone.
She had told herself over and over again that she, as a christian had forgiven Blessing, the guy who broke her heart, the father of her baby, the guy who told her years after he made her fall in love with him that he had another girlfriend who he would prefer to spend the rest of his life with, the guy who denied paternity of their daughter. The guy who she defied everything her parents said to stay with.
Maybe she has really forgiven him but moments like this makes her think of what she would really love to do to him.
She was on a train to a place she chose to spend her vacation. Of course, life is good and the thoughts about Blessing should be for another day. She has forgiven him but she has not forgotten; never will


@ilola said...

how can she forget when she always has the child to remind her of the reality of the past?

Luciano said...

Yeah, d child is a sourvenier dat will always remind her.
Tanks for droppin by. U won my heart alreadyYeah, d child is a sourvenier dat will always remind her.
Tanks for droppin by. U won my heart already

Toinlicious said...

Yea, Blessing Blessed her with a child. Life can be soo complicated. i find it hard to understand why men allow women who they have no intention of catching, fall for them.

Luciano said...

@toin, lmao @ the "blessing blessed" line.............this is life o,n its very cruel...........sometimes. tanks for dropping by again.