Monday, August 29, 2011


I will like to recall this as it really happened but unfortunately, ive forgotten part of it.
Well, I was supposed to go home after my first semester exam but I did not go, not becos I did not feel like going but becos there was a deal…………………. I know u’ll like to know what the deal is all about, don’t worry, Im here to tell you.
The deal is, I want to go to NIPOGA preliminaries in Oko, Anambra state. I had a long wait………………………. A week and some days after which there was a BIG hitch (I mean real BIG) but that’s another story, not the one for today. Anyway, we got to Oko in two buses with lots of shouting, we left our school around 9.30am and got to Oko at about 4.30pm which was not really becos of the distance but becos the drivers did not really know the way
Coach welcomed us ( not really a great welcome but a welcome anyway) after which he asked to take us to our hostel. We had about 7 minutes drive out of town before getting to Ufuma( that the name of the place the hostel is located. Apart from being out of town, the place was, as at when I saw it, a bush). Trust students, they declared we are not staying there. coach did his best to explain it was meant for all schools participating but he was given a condition dat he should stay with us if he wants us to stay. To cut the whole story short, we were taken back to town and everybody started arranging on team levels where to sleep. Arsenal (the sport director) took all the female to his cousin’s house and that was where we slept.
We all got to see in the morning. Our male footballers were to have their first match at 4.00pm but before then the coach called all of us and told us that the board governing the games threatened to disqualify our school if we do not go back to the hostel provided for all schools. There was not much of a choice for us. We had to go back.
We got there and settled in. I changed my clothes (sorry, its gonna start getting personal here cos I can only account for myself) went out to chat with some friends, got pissed and went to the ladies hostel to sleep. We’ve bin warned not to drop our bags in the hostel so I had on a top, my shorts, and a pullover. I slept off but I woke up when I heard moving legs, girls were whispering, I woke up, looked around and saw that all the girls were standing( maybe not all but most except the “sleep – spoilt” ones) I was wondering the drama going on when I heard someone shout behind our window “NOBODY SLEEPS HERE TONIGHT” wao! This is it, I thought.
“open this door” they were shouting with continuous banging on our door. I said a silent prayer for the soul that locked the door. Their intention is something I still can’t bet my money on; rape, murder, stealing………I got no Idea. When nobody opened the door, they broke the louvers. I ran to the far edge of the room and I think everybody did too. Ladies, we were scared out of our witts. I had not been more scared in my life. When I heard the louvers break, I knew we were in for a big one.  I thought I heard footsteps, I watch a lot of van danme, James bond movie so I know in a shoot out, the first thing you do is “get down” so I did just that and that was what everybody around me did. I was on my tommy, crawling with my hands and knees…………….i was under a bunk bed; the whole place was dark. I was feeling like an actress in a horror film. How long I was like that I do not know but the secret was; use your sense, no sounds.
Im not very religious but I know that there is heaven and God in that order so I said my prayers of how I’d be grateful if I get out of this mess. Wait!! Where is Eve? I was not even given time to think bout that. Somebody came and opened the back door (a Romeo in search of his Juliet) we all ran out and into the toilet. I may not want to die with a bullet boring a hole right thru me but I definitely don’t want to die full of shit. We ran out of the toilet and inside the bush. I was following the guy and his girlfriend and thank God I can speak Ibo so they just allowed me. We were running in the bush……………if you’ve seen world war III maybe you will have a clue. We stopped for air and I just said my last wish for that day; “God, please, let Eve be safe”
After sometime, Calvary arrived and I told my new found friend I have to leave. Guys from my school were looking for all the gals. They took us to the bus and it was like the end of a nightmare but it was not a nightmare cos I had a scar on my face, people had scars and things were stolen
Well, I saw Eve and she had a better story to tell. We all entered the bus and were heading out of the god damned den when the gateman stopped us. He said if we move out of the gate we will all be shot dead. We called coach but before he came we were hearing gunshots from every angle. We waited till the next morning and as the bus was moving out of the gate I was thinking that last night will be a very big one for nollywood…….starring James Bond, Larry Belle and Ramsey Noah as the lover boy………lol 

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