Thursday, August 25, 2011


Truth is i've been nursing this heartache/heart break for a week now. I dont even know if its a break-up or a short break. Im not over it but i think it will help to 'vent' a little.
What really happened:
I love this guy who im gonna call 'Tiwa' here and we've been dating a couple of months now. We dont see, we just talk and chat and text know, every other thing that comes with the long distance relationship package. So this day i was online just because i wanted to talk/chat withh Tiwa and he was online too but not replying my messages. I told him i was there cos of him and he should tell me if hes busy. Guess what he said..............
"You can wait or not............ Your choice"
and i replied in these exact words:
"'your choice' is not nice or persuasive. I'll rather close my eyes and sleep than open them and get angry"
He didnt reply and hasnt called me since. I didnt call him.
Okay, am i the one to take the blame here? Should i have said sorry? Should i have called? Wasnt i supposed to send that message?
He said he loved me, im begining to wonder if love dies that fast. Does he even ever really cared?


Toinlicious said...

i'll like to say "he was in a bad mood bla bla and maybe work stress was getting to him", but truth is, if a man doesn't respect you enough to reply with a simple "i'm a little busy. we'll talk later" then i dnt think he's gud news. my own 2cents

Luciano said...

Tanks a lot for the advice and tanks for dropping by, i appreciate