Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Was listening to Asa's song "Bimpe" a while ago and it got me thinking (thanks to BellaNaija for the wonderful translation, now i can sing it without biting my tongue or cursing. Dont even ask me the Well, it was about the sister disrespecting her brother's wife/girlfriend.
When i was a little girl, i remember being VERY skeptical and choosy in my brother's choice of girlfriends. I'ld say things like: "this one is too tall", "this one does'nt smile", "this one is stingy"............and the list goes on but i never really decided for my brother, I just say my mind and he makes his decision (he ended up marrying someone i didnt like *oh! Did i just say dat?*)
Obviously nowadays, the ssisters have taken their game up a notch. Last week, i had lunch with Tara and she was in a very foul mood; thats how she gets after a breakup so i just asked her what happened 'this time'
"her sister didnt like me"
Sorry, but thats the first time im hearing that 'sisters love' is a criteria for a relationship.
I know blood is thick and i have heard like a million times to put families first but REALLY? I just told Tara that 'Mr fine boi' had other reasons cos i cant believe somebody will actually do that (my brother didnt)
As much as im not in support of marrying someone your family (not sister) does not like, i still think its a little 'off' for your sister/brother to decide who you go out with.
Now dont get me started on the disrespecting part cos that is a long story but please, sisters, hes just your brother and will definetly have a girlfriend.
*singing 'Bimpe' out loud*

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