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I know is late but I’ll still say it. Because I want to and because I can. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
How was the holiday? I’m sorry I’ve not been commenting on blogs or replying comments, I was busy juggling weddings and family and village life. Speaking of which, how was the “village”? (For those that went) Mine was awesome and I got two proposals (yelsss, two guys asked me to marry them) well, they didn’t really ask me, they asked my Dad but you know………….. Its still a proposal right? Yeah? I thought so too. So don’t be surprised if I get shipped off to Malaysia or become a Mrs. to Uche in  Alaba………….my Mum is kinda in a hurry.
So here is the concluding part of the EYES OF THE EAGLE story:
I stirred the tea again, all the time looking over my shoulder to see if Ola was coming. Mum had brought the potion for me and explained how to use it. Just one drop……………it sounded simple enough. Ola hardly ate at home anymore but I had begged and persuaded him to eat breakfast. I heard his footstep and quickly stepped away from the tea. He sat down and I almost burst into tears, how had we gotten to this point? We used to be perfect. He stirred the tea a couple of times and looked at me.
"Aya mi" (Aya mi was the name he used to call me when our marriage was still on track). I felt an inner glow; could “baba's” potion be working so soon?
"My husband" I replied, flashing my best smile.
"I know everything"
"What do you mean?"
“I know you went to a herbalist, I know you want me to drink this, I know you want to turn me into a dummy"
I felt weak as the reality of his words hit me. He actually knew......I looked for words to defend myself
"My husband, I love you, why would I ever want to do that?"
"To stop me from marrying Lara"
"Wait……………… who is Lara?"
"Your sister"
He picked his bag and left before I could say any other thing. I sat down and let the words sink in.
I was holding my wrapper in one hand and my bag in the other as I ran to Mum’s shop. In one breath, I told her everything that had happened. Mum stood up and started pacing the shop.
"Temi, its no news"
“What Mum? You mean you actually knew my husband is dating my sister?”
“Point of correction Temi, not your sister…………I am not your mother. I just acted so because your father wanted me to and now that he’s dead, I don’t owe him anything"
It all started to fit in, the hatred, the punishments.........
"So Mum, you knew all caused everything that has been happening in my family"
"Of course Temi, I had to get you out of the way for my daughter to come in. Now, she can be Mrs. Ola Akanki, wife of the CEO, A&A group of companies" she clapped her hands and gave a small laugh.
"But Mum, why did you do it, how could you?"
"Some things you will never know Temi………. ".
The tears were uncontrollable as I left Mum’s shop, got home, packed my bags, picked my daughter and left Ola’s house.

I looked at Ola again. No, there was nothing to discuss. I picked my purse and walked out of the restaurant.

*Oh, and my 2013 (January) crush is Flavour. His “Ada Ada” is currently topping my playlist and when I play it I dream of dancing while carrying palmwine and looking for Mr. Right (Igbo engagement things) definitely not anyone in Malaysia or Alaba. Have a fabulous year people

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA for sometime. Life has been crazy and I mean CRAZY. I know God is in the process of doing great things in my life, I just need the grace to be patient. Your kind words and prayers are appreciated. Thanks to everybody that yabbed and checked on me, una do well *side eyes Priscy , Dayor and Tizzle.
So I finally met a blogger. Yayyyyy me!!! I met the awesome Tamie and I had a wonderful time. She’s great, super fun, lovely, wonderful……….infact, I don’t have enough words to describe her. It was great seeing you Tamie and I can’t wait to do it again……..Pizza is still on you.
A big thank you to Sugarspring for giving me the versatile blogger award. You can check out my answer here.
In case you missed the part I and 2, check here and here 

After two minutes of Mum doing her dance, a short man emerged from the groove of the tree. I blinked twice; it was like I was living some Nollywood movie experience. Mum had stopped dancing and was paying homage to the man. I looked closely at him, his hair was dreaded and he wore cowries in them, he tied a red wrapper around his tiny waist, painted the visible part of his body with white chalk and completed the appearance with a horn he held in his left hand. He smelled like the faint version of the bush we just passed. I tried to guess his age, he should be around thirty two, not that old so why was Mum calling him “baba”?
“Baba” finally sat down and Mum motioned me to do the same on the wood beside the tree. I wanted to scream there’s no way I’m doing that but Mum shot me one of her looks and I sat down. “Baba” stretched out his left hand and Mum dropped One thousand naira note on it. After some minutes which “baba” spent muttering some incantations, he finally spoke.
"Mama Temi, what can I do for you today?"
What!!? So this man speaks English? And was he not supposed to know why we were there?
Mum explained immediately what was going on in my life. Mum exaggerates a lot and I correct her most times but that day, I just sat there and watched her turn Ola into a monster as she told “baba” her story.
After what seem like ages, “baba” finally listed the things we needed to buy for the potion that was going to restore Ola’s “sanity”. I watched in disbelief as “baba” said:
“A python egg, two strands of hair from a mother gorilla, twenty four gallons of red oil……………………………………………………”
I couldn’t hold the scream this time.
"Where on earth am I supposed to get those?"
Mum smiled and gave “baba” some money. She told me to get up and we left.
We were hardly beyond earshot when I bombarded Mum with questions……………..”Is this man for real?” “Is the potion going to work?” “Where was he going to get those things?” Mum was gentle in explaining that powerful men like “baba” have their means and that he had been tested and trusted.
“You know that my friend?”
“Which one?”
“Mama Kofo”
“The one her husband just died?”
“Yes……………..when her husband started cheating on her, I brought her here and that was the end”
I looked at Mum with fear, could the end mean Ola’s death? I wanted to ask more but I kept my thoughts to myself.
We had passed the smelling bush and I asked Mum again…….
"Mum, are we not going to wait for a bike?"
"Bike ke? ......we trek"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It was a sunny day when we left for Ekiti. I had told Ola I was going with Mum for a wedding in our hometown. He had murmured something about taking Yvonne to my sister's place before I left. Lara, my only sister lived on the other side of Lagos. I hate dropping my daughter with her because she picks up bad manners every weekend she spends with her. I am three years older than Lara and we have nothing in common. Dad used to call her the prodigal daughter. She dropped out of school after three years and even when Dad set up a business for her, she said it was too much work. Lara however was Mum’s favorite……..the one she pampers and doted on. I had no choice but to drop Yvonne with Lara, it was a better option than being involved in one of the many Lagos housegirl/nanny horror tales 

“Yeeee........” I screamed.
Mum looked back from her bike and shouted at me...
“What is it Temi?”
“Mum, these potholes are breaking my waist and this bike man is not driving carefully at all.”
Mum did her legendary "hmmnnnnmm” and told me “sorry”.
We were on our way to “Baba's” place. I had left my car at the junction after paying a boy Five hundred Naira to watch it, I thought it was outrageous but Mum said it was cheap. Mum said we had to take a bike from there because the road was not motorable. I hate bikes……….a lot so Mum thought my complains were because of my pronounced hatred for bikes and not because I was feeling uncomfortable.
Mum always thought I was the spoilt one. She blamed Dad for pampering me so much.....she blamed me every time something went wrong, always saying I messed it up with my "spoilt" life. Mum had strongly kicked against it when Dad was about sending me abroad to study, saying it would make me more "big headed" but Dad had sent me anyway and when I came back Mum had sworn I wouldn’t get a husband………………not with my uncultured way of life. When I brought Ola home, she was surprised and immediately told Ola how I’ll soon be bossing him around but he had stayed anyway and we had lived happily.......until now.
"Are we not there yet?” I shouted again.
Mum didn’t even answer me this time. She just pointed at the big tree in the distance.
"Mum!! Are we going to meet a tree?”
"Shut up Temi. You don’t talk much around here"
"But Mum, you said we were coming to meet “Baba”"
I’m sure Mum would have slapped me then if she had been close enough. She gave me her "shut the hell up" look and faced away.
The bike men stopped and I was partially grateful because my legs were killing me already. I jumped down from the bike before protesting that we were not at the tree yet. Mum paid the bike men while explaining that we had to trek the rest of the "sacred land".
I was too tired and angry to argue, I just hoped the visit would be worth it and followed Mum as she made her way down the narrow path. I had to swat flies away with my bag a thousand times. The smell was was like lots of animals or humans died and decayed thereby giving the flies a merry gathering.
“Mum, Mum......why did you bring me to this kind of place?”
“Is it not for your own good?” Mum asked with unmasked disdain.
I swallowed hard and put my hands on my ears; even that did little to reduce the noise of the flies.
We finally got to the foot of the tree and Mum started a dramatic dance. Before I could decide if she was alright or not she started singing....
"o ye gods of the earth, o ye princes of the trees, I hail thee....."
I stood watching her, my jaw open and my eyes popping out 
****Tomorrow is my birthday!! Please don't forget to forward all gifts, cakes and cards. Thank you. Shoutout to Chinny, Honeydame, Che, Sisi Yemmie, 9ja great, PET project and all October babies. We ROCK!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


*clearing cobwebs* yes, I know, I am a horrible blogger. I am sorry for leaving for so long but I have really really really been too lazy busy to update. I am here now and I really really (don't mind the number of "really" I type, its for emphasis) hope you guys are not too angry with me (which means nobody will read or comment on this post which will make me very very sad). 
You know I'm not good with apologies, I am really trying my best here..........
OK then, thank you for forgiving me, you guys are the best!
*waving at my new followers* welcome lovely people, thank you for following my boring awesome blog.

Tee is my prince charming, my baby, my boo. He’s everything the romance novels I’ve been reading since primary school described. He’s tall, dark, handsome and sweet. If you are part of the people that still wonder if the “butterfly in the tummy effect” is real, please wonder no more. It’s as real as the sky is blue.
So I had given up on love after so many attempts. I thought there was no such thing as prince charming and butterflies and happily ever after……..those only exist in novels. I was so wrong.
I love Tee, he loves me……I was living the dream. 
I took my bath as I sang “just the way you are” the fifteenth time. Tee makes me giddy. I will be seeing him soon. Its Saturday, the only day in the week we spend alone, away from all the stress and drama of work and family. The only day that makes my weekdays bearable.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled.
“I love how you paint your face” he would say
“duh……its not paint, its makeup”
“what’s the difference?”
“I don’t know, I just know it’s different”   I always say and he would continue teasing me.
One last look at the mirror and I was out of the door.

He opened the door and smiled at me…..the captivating, endearing smile and my insides turned to jelly. He still has that effect on me, one look into his eyes and the butterflies threaten to jump out of my tummy. It’s been 2 months; I’m supposed to be immune to his charms now.
There’s this thing about Tee; he knows everything. He knows what I want, when I want it, how I feel…………..everything. So I was not surprised when I got inside and saw all my special delicacies served in a mouth watering way.
“What’s the occasion?”
“Just celebrating you”
Now who said I can’t be happy? Who said I’m not the luckiest girl in the frigging world? Who said………………………..I can keep asking the questions but he was saying something.
“You’ve brought so much joy into my life these past months……………” I was no longer listening. Who said you have to die to be in heaven? I was there already.
I was smiling…….no, grinning like a five year old.
We ate and laughed and joked and had a wonderful time and then it was time to go
As I was about opening the door, he pulled me back and held me close
“There’s something I need to tell you”
“You love me. I know”
I pulled him closer and kissed him
“Yeah I do but that’s not it……….you may need to sit down”
It’s too soon to propose, isn’t it? Yeah, I thought so too. I’m saying yes anyways.
“I love you and I can’t live without you”
Huge smile
“But last year, my parents arranged for me to get married to a girl……”
“We are not married yet, we are just engaged…………… and she's coming over next week”
I felt weak. All the butterflies died and they are secreting a very toxic poison in my system.
“Why are you telling me now?”
“Because I don’t want to lose you, I still love you”
Tee is my prince charming, my baby, my boo and right now, I feel like putting a bullet through his head.

*I saw this story somewhere and it made me cry. You should read it