Thursday, October 6, 2011


I felt like hitting my phone on the wall. i hate some kinda calls e.g someone calling me and saying stupid things when i dont even know what half the thing is about. It left me feeling bad and sleep wasn't coming so i thought to check my blog. No worst harm can come reading blog posts right?
So i checked my "comments" and there it was.................................Myne Whiteman with the Versatile Blogger(VB) award. I went to bed with a big smile and a joyful heart. Thanks a lot Myne.
Dont mind me, thats just me trying to make everything into a story.
Myne........Yeah, the great author and blogger gave the the Versatile blogger award and im saying a big thank you. Myne writes great stories and if you've not been visiting her blog you are missing a lot.
Priscy gave me the VB award too. I love going to her blog cos i always find interesting, great, entertaining and inspiring things. she gives great advice too. Thanks a lot dearie.
Chinny also gave me the VB award. Hmmmm..............I don't even know where to start on this one. you need to see her blog to decide. She write fabulous stories...............they are not just fab., you will enjoy reading them. I promise. plus shes my sister. yes, shes
Toinlicious dearest gave me the VB award yesterday and mehnn!!! I did a full " me be this?". I love this babe. Yeah, you read right "LOVE" and you gotta check her blog out and you'll be falling right in love too. thanks dear.XOXO 
And now the one that makes me go "gaga"..........."Naija great'......... I was so happy i was doing "OMG OMG OMG" for three inutes. Like seriously. Thanks a loooooot. I really appreciate. If you are a Naija great, you just have to see his blog
And to everybody that has been reading, commenting and say a big THANK YOU. Special thanks to my "followers", my heart swells everytime i see you guys. And thank you to "you" know who you are.
Phew!!!! never wanted to make it this long.....................forgive me.
So 7 things about me:
1. I type a lot of things to post as comment and then delete them and post just one line
2. I have a phone purse......its a purse i put my phones and earpieces. People find it fuinny when they see a wallet and a purse inside my bag.
3. I love my boyfriend.......................a lot.
4. I love travelling. Mostly road trips so i can see the details.
5. I take pictures of random things.............ranging from the skyline to the girl hawking banana.
6. I am a hopeless romantic.
7. I dont have a BB.
And the 15 blogs are.......................(yes, im still going to give you even if you've gotten)
kitkat's tales (fab stowies)
Aseni (great diary)
Lady Ngo (a little of everything)
Naija mum in London (bestest mum)
Rhapsody pheonix (one word.......blessings)
Modern African cuisine (proper kitchen/mouth watering guide) 
thoughts, jumbled (my favorite poems)
@ilola (its addictive)
Sarah ofili beauty blog (everything about beauty)
diary of a shallow black girl (just love this one)
rambling of a diva 
Its toinlicious 
Myne Whiteman writes 
Priscy's world 
An Eccentric Naija 


gretel said...


Priscy said...

congratulations dearie, you deserve that and much more. about your phone purse...hmmm no comments. lol, also, its good to love and be loved back, wishing you and ur boyfriend all the happiness you can find. cheers

Aseni said...

Thnx Lucy...(hope i can call u dt).

I am so hype now...getting two of these awards!

Toinlicious said...

aww, i l-o-v-e you too gurl. thanx for that *hugs* u do deserve the award tho. and thanx 4 d award Muah. Oya leme go and edit my post (all for u) so i can add ur name up there lol.

As 4 d long comment, just hit 'publish post' next time jor. i always enjoy long comments. I love traveling & i'm a self-acclaimed paparazzi too.

@ilola said...

Awww, thanks for the award. This a good PR blog post. You go gurl. Congrats

Travel Buff said...

Congrats on your award.

New here and following.

Luciano said...

@gretel, thank you
@priscy, thanks a lot. lol...thats what almost everybody say about my phone purse..

Luciano said...

@aseni, yeah, yu can call me Lucy. I know that feeling.......felt so too.
@toinlicious, now im blushing.....
lol.......more reaason for loving yu
will remember to hit the "publish" next time

Luciano said...

@ilola, wetin i go do now? lol. thank you.
@travel buff, awwww....thank you

Anonymous said...

whoop! whoop! I just can't get enough, we have Myne to thank for finding each other's blogs cos that's where I saw your link!

Thanks darling! why don't you have a bb? I think it makes life so much easier.

I heart you and your blog. :*

Luciano said...

@chinny,lol...yes o, a big thank you to Myne.
ermmm...that BB part is a long story.
heart yu too sis. xoxo

dayor said...

Congrats on your award

New here, and following too

Unknown said...

congratulatins love x

Myne said...

Wow, thanks for bringing it back to me. And congrats on the awards :)

I love hopeless romantics cos I'm one too. lol...

Oyinkansinuolami said...

L o v e l y...wondering why I haven't 'stumbled' on this blog before check out my blog..not much, but you might like

Luciano said...

@dayor, thank yu
@Ms Nana. tanks dear

Luciano said... welcome
@oyin, thanks for dropping by. will check yours out

A-9ja-Great said...

Thanks alot dear and i actually don't like looking into women's bags cos oh the things one will find! LOL

Luciano said...

@9ja a gud decision cos the content of a woman's bag sometimes can be gross.........

Coy~Introvert said...

Congrats on your award :)
First time here

Luciano said...

@coy, tanks a lot

9jaFOODie said...

OMG, thank you soooo very much for the award, I really appreciate it :)

Luciano said...

@9jafoodie, ure welcome

sugarspring said...

this is lovely
thanks fr honouring the award by referring me ova here
bless u and kisses